One to One


One to One:
Charting the Personal Terrain

The Rag Factory
16-18 Heneage Street
London E1 5LJ

Private View
25 April 1900hrs

26-27 April 2014

The Investigation Series presents its sophomore show, One to One: Charting the Personal Terrain about the cartography of the interior world. The exhibition showcases a cross-disciplinary collection of work from 11 emerging artists from different backgrounds, as well as a curated list of events set to happen over the weekend, making it a ‘live’ exhibition.

One to One takes for its name a short story, On Exactitude in Science, by Jorge Luis Borges, about cartography and representation of a terrain. In the story Borges imagines a country where the science of cartography has become so exact that only a map was made at a 1:1 scale, later falling into disuse. One to One refers not only to the scale of such a map and its impossibility, but also to personal encounters, meeting one-to-one.

The exhibition will open at East London gallery The Rag Factory on the Friday 25th April at 7pm, and will run till Sunday 27 April 2014, 10pm.

Featured artists
Alejandra Lopez
Anna Pickles Harvey
Ben Walker
Jacob Watmore
Kat Buchanan
Kirsten Bertelsen
Moea Creugnet
Rianna Suen
Serena Chalker
Steph Choy
Will BeDell


Poster designed by Sidney Lim 

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